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Videos by Alan Hastings

  • Challenges in the management of natural systems
    Alan Hastings

    I will give an overview of mathematical challenges that arise in developing management strategies for natural systems. The emphasis will be on issues that arise from the nature of the biological systems, including, but not limited to, limited data, nonlinearities, stochasticity, constraints that arise from biological issues, and time scales. I will illustrate the ...

  • Parallels between metapopulations and disease dynamics
    Alan Hastings

    Within host dynamics in diseases is essentially the same as dynamics within metapopulations in an ecological context. I will review results from metapopulation models, and draw parallels to disease dynamics. I will emphasize both similarities and differences. The goal will be to see how various assumptions about within host (equivalently within patch) dynamics reduce th...

  • Role of time scales in sustainability of complex systems
    Alan Hastings

    Role of time scales in sustainability of complex systems

  • Dynamics and control of Spartina alterniflora and related issues
    Alan Hastings
    I will discuss models that include the kinds of spatial dynamics and control and life history appropriate for this plant. The ideas will focus on developing simple analytic models and using approaches that into account not only control but restoration and bio-economic aspects. Mathematical tools will include linear and quadratic programming in addition to optimization and ...
  • Ecological Modeling
    Alan Hastings
    Some underlying issues of modeling in ecology
    2 species predator prey dynamics and analysis
    Aquatic ecological systems - basic issues
    NPZ modeling basics
    NPZ "applications" and extensions...
  • Intoductions and questions/panel with morning speakers
    Alan Hastings
    Panel discussion with morning speakers David Thomas and Alan Hastings...
  • Spatial population dynamics and uncertainty in Tribolium: Lab Experiments and Models
    Alan Hastings
    In joint work with Brett Melbourne we have studied highly replicated spatial population dynamics of flour beetles in a lab setting. I will describe the results of experiments on single species and spatial spread, and corresponding models. The models have to incorporate stochasticity of different forms to provide a good match to the data. In particular, demographic heteroge...