Geometric singular perturbation theory beyond the standard form

Peter Szmolyan (March 23, 2011)

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In many biological models multiple time scale dynamics occurs due to the presence of variables and parameters of very different orders of magnitudes. Situations with a clear "global" separation into fast and slow variables governed by singularly perturbed ordinary differential equations in standard form have been investigated in great detail.

For multi-scale problems depending on several parameters it can already be a nontrivial task to identify meaningful scalings. Typically these scalings and the corresponding asymptotic regimes are valid only in certain regions in phase-space or parameter-space. Another issue is how to match these asymptotic regimes to understand the global dynamics. In this talk I will show in the context of examples from enzyme kinetics that geometric methods based on the blow-up method provide a systematic approach to problems of this type.

(Joint work with Ilona Kosiuk, MPI MIS Leipzig)