Dynamics of Differential Equations with Multiple State Dependent Delays

Antony Humphries (March 25, 2011)

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The Mackey-Glass equation is a seemingly simple delay differential equation (DDE) with one fixed delay which can exhibit the full gamut of dynamics from a trivial stable steady state to fully chaotic dynamics, and has inspired decades of mathematical research into DDEs. However, much of that research has focused on equations with fixed or prescribed delays, whereas many biological delays would be more naturally modelled as state-dependent delays. Before incorporating state-dependent delays in complex biochemical network models, it is desirable to understand the dynamics which result from including state-dependent delays in simpler model problems. Accordingly, in this talk we will consider a simple model problem with multiple state-dependent delays, and show that it can exhibit a wide range of dynamical behaviour, including stable periodic solutions and bi-stable periodic solutions, to stable tori, together with the associated bifurcation structures.